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Trained as a bioengineer, Eugene A. Bonaroti, MD has worked with multiple companies and has helped launch successful spinal implant products. Learn more via his website.

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FAQs on Product Development: 

Why Should I Seek Consultation Services for Product Development?

There are a couple of benefits to seeking medical expert input on a product that is in development.

Understanding Its Purpose
When building a medical product, it’s important to understand why a patient would find the product beneficial. Understanding the why, i.e. the need behind the product, can strongly influence the design process. Working with a professional with hands-on experience is a helpful way to evaluate the practical market needs of medical communities and patients.

Understanding Its Design
Design is critical in delivering a patient experience via a product, and therefore in the success of the product. Consulting with healthcare experts when designing a product can eliminate errors later and help teams with the following key areas of production (which may vary in applicability per product):

  • Precision
  • Lifetime/Longevity
  • Safety
  • Fit

Why Does Dr. Bonaroti Focus On Spinal Products?

There are a number of factors influencing the need for expert input on spinal products in particular, including:

  • Spinal technology is changing at a rapid pace, with focuses on improvements in material and the longevity of said material. 
  • Spinal implants are becoming more popular due to an aging population, particularly in the United States, for the development of biomaterials with improved biocompatibility for better clinical outcomes.
  • The medical community is focused on developing minimally invasive techniques to perform more precise, less disruptive procedures. 

Due to these factors, device companies big and small are currently working on providing innovative implant materials, techniques and technology that will make procedures more precise and patient-specific. By offering consultations to these groups, Dr. Bonaroti hopes to assist patients struggling with a variety of spine-related problems through more effective spinal products.

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