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What is Barricaid®, and how does it prevent disc reherniation?

Barricade therapeutics graphicAs one of today’s newest spinal implants, the Barricaid device offers cutting-edge technology that prevents recurrent disc herniation. It’s currently the only FDA-approved device that can repair large defects in the outer cover of the herniated disc.

When the outer cover of the disc has a large opening or weak spot, you have a higher risk of developing another herniation after the first one is repaired.

Dr. Bonaroti talks with you about the Barricaid before your microdiscectomy, and if you decide to get the device, he measures the defect in the cover after removing the herniated portion of the disc.

If your defect is large enough to qualify for Barricaid, he attaches the metal arm of the device to the vertebra. Once the device is attached, a plastic flap attached to the metal arm blocks the hole, forming a barrier that reduces your risk of reherniation.

If you suffer from back pain due to a herniated disc, call Surgical Spine Associates or book an appointment online to learn if you’re a good candidate for a microdiscectomy.



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Barricaid® Annular Closure Device