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Eugene A. Bonaroti MD, FACS

Caring & Comprehensive Surgical Services

A lifelong resident of Pittsburgh, Dr. Bonaroti has provided complex and individualized neurosurgical care for over 2 decades. He graduated a Bioengineer from the University of Pennsylvania, completed medical school and neurosurgical residency at the University of Pittsburgh.

He has provided expert neurosurgical care in the UPMC and Allegheny System, where he served as Chief of Neurosurgery at Forbes Hospital and established a Level 2 neurotrauma program. He continues to provide trauma expertise at Level 1 trauma centers regionally and serves as a LT COL in the US Army Reserve Medical Corp.

In 2019, Dr. Bonaroti founded the first and only independent neurosurgical practice in this region, Surgical Spine Associates, to provide first class neurosurgical spine care for all. Dr. Bonaroti works to provide treatment that is competent, caring, individualized and comprehensive.

Using his engineering background, Dr. Bonaroti applies the latest technological advances in spine care and has been the first in the area to utilize cutting-edge fusion techniques, disc replacements, Barricaide annular repair for disc herniations, and Intracept nerve ablation for back pain. He strives to apply the least invasive technique appropriate for each clinical situation. At the same time, he also has experience with the most complicated spinal cases.


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